Narrative design is fundamentally the backbone of communication, allowing for the message to establish the rapport needed to communicate effectively. 
In this project I explored the use of narrative in repetitive design. Specifically, I looked at how cohesive design elements require syntax to create a unified series of works.
The first part of the process was establishing a medium to use, which led me to want to create a poster series. Next, I developed a style which would set the narrative for the series. A message doesn’t always have to be a direct statement but rather a subtle undertone in a series of works. 
To draw the audience, I incorporated historic influences from different time periods, as well as common cultural elements in Mexico. My process included creating sketch works which then evolved to several small compositions, revisions, and critiques before they each were printed at 15x20 inches.
As a Latino designer, I was interested in portraying a relationship between what it is like to travel to Mexico, versus the stereotypes of Mexico. I created this series to address the fact that there is more to Mexico than the negative rumors, and there are so many areas to see and explore, made of wonder. The series uses colors and locations seen all throughout Mexico’s landscape. The purpose of the poster series is to inspire the viewer to visit Mexico.
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