Understanding a client’s needs even if they don’t know it themselves is always important, this project was to acknowledge a single local business that held a terrible website or lacked one entirely. Using the business’s own goals and vision to create a new site that helps to promote and strengthen their brand, using HTML and CSS. 
I researched the small business, found information about their brand, choices, and history. I used this information to create and rework their brandmark into something much stronger than what they had originally, giving them a unique identity. After which, I developed sketches for the website, including site maps and wireframes.
The small business was struggling to create a web presence. Their original site was difficult to navigate. The brand was used very ineffectively, and the overall aesthetic made it seem antiquated. As such, I approached it in a way that brought out a more modern and casual look to the site. Using a new brandmark and color palette I created an online presence people could recognize. I connected these items to build themes, and created a unique look and style for the barbershop’s website. 
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