Understanding that in this generation, the work of designers is to advocate for injustice and to call-out problems in our society. I created a poster design series that align with the messaging of several non-profit organizations in an effort to acknowledge social injustices. 
The first part of the process involved the use of a couple dozen quick, high-contrast black and white sketches. From the sketch-work, two final ideas were chosen and fleshed out into small to scale compositions. After which, followed two more revision sessions. 
The final design was printed at 24x30 inches and portrayed in a public environment that fit the content of the message. The Population Percentiles poster was displayed on bank buildings and near ATMs, while the United We Care posters were displayed at bus stops and open public spaces.
Income inequalities and racial injustices have always been topics important to me. I researched and found two non-profit organizations that best fit the message of this project and  used their imagery and content as inspiration for these designs. 
The Inequality organization and the United We Dream organization both contain valuable services, messaging, and actions that ad-dress topics of social injustices. It was important to inspire people to view the non-profit websites and inform themselves as well.
To get a clearer idea on how this project developed, click this link to see my process journal:
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