Learning to brand involves in-depth research and company/client analysis. In this project the client tasked us with rebranding their library to better fit a growing community. This project included working with teammates to create a strong rebrand with deliverables that included a brandmark, mission statement, and website. 
I worked with designers, Ariel Kensington and Nori Hess, to help the client adjust their vision, objectives, and core values, as they are an integral part of their brand. I specifically worked on creating typographic standards, user personas, mockups, and developing the brandmark. 
The branding process began with an in-depth analysis of the audience, a review of their existing brand, and establishing their main views. As a group we broke each item down, created concepts, sketches, then critiqued each iteration during each stage of the process. The final deliverable was a comprehensive presentation of the rebranding, including a set of brand standards for typography and logomark.
The group approached the re-branding with the understanding that the community is the most important aspect for the client. For a library, their goal is to be progressive but inclusive. 
A community that is willing to grow and become connected. We created a brand that gave space for growth in times to come, establishing possible outcomes from the company and creative directions for community engagement.
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