Tivoli Brewing co. was in the process of developing a new beer. They wished to make this beer a rival to a popular competitor in the market, which is known for its appeal in the 20–30-year-old demographic. Knowing this, they asked for a beer brand that had a connection to Colorado, but wasn’t obvious. They created a list of ideals they wanted their beer to hold and explained that their audience would include multiple demographics. The name of this beer was Rocky Mountain Outlaw, with a tagline of ‘The Bandit Beer.’
I narrowed down the most relevant aspects from the client’s wishes, looking into local stores and seeing what worked and what didn’t. I created sketches, comps, and revisions until my final design for the product was produced.
The name of the beer “Rocky Mountain Outlaw” served as inspiration. It was important that the brand of the beer create a sense of authenticity and a feeling of fun and creativity. Making a mascot to be used in future branding and marketing schemes was my approach. The vintage bandit look created a feeling of authenticity and established a historical connection with Tivoli, which is one of the oldest breweries in Colorado. A purposeful matte look would interact with light in display shelves to draw attention and create a strong presence on the shelf.
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