The Ted Talk with Kirby Ferguson in 2012 was a topic with conflicting issues. It acknowledged the topic of plagiarism and how stealing others works could fall under the banner of remix. A work of art, stolen could be considered a remix so long as it has been altered to a certain extent. I created a work that best represented my understanding on the topic of remix and how different groups of people approach it and when they cross a line.
Learning and understanding Kirby Ferguson’s view of Remix and how we embrace it, led to research from different viewpoints regarding the subject. Learning that the remix he speaks of is not a stealing of ideas, but the basis of creativity. Using this information, I created a hand-made book influenced by DIY cultures. This handbook helped users learn to distinguish between the various forms of plagiarism and sampling.
I approached this topic from a practical standpoint using information based on the Ted Talk. I addressed points of issue in my content and used examples and visuals of controversial samples of creative remix. I addressed the different forms of legal and illegal remix. The design was made to be visually engaging, relaxed, and casual. 
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